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Dentacoin cryptocurrency value continues to surge

Crypocurrencies popularity has increased dramatically recently, making them impossible to ignore.

Dentacoin value surges over 900% in the last 30 days as cryptocurrency continues to gain more popularity amongst investors. published a story about Dentacoin earlier in the month explaining how more dental practices are beginning to accept Dentacoin as a form of payment.

Dentacoin claims to target specific problems in the dental industry and offers concrete solutions to these problems.

The cryptocurrency was valued at $0.000078 per coin on 7 December, however at the time of writing it is now valued at $0.0008.

‘Dentacoin is the cryptocurrency aimed specifically at the dental profession.

‘With the added investment all cryptocurrency has been receiving it’s no wonder the value of Dentacoin has continued to surge.

‘It doesn’t look like it will stop here either.

‘As more Dentacoin gains more interest and more practices start accepting the dental cryptocurrency, the value is only going to rise.’

Editor, Seb Evans thoughts: ‘It’s amazing that the most fashionable financial instrument of the moment “cryprocurrency” has come to dentistry…and the global financial markets seem to like it, at least so far.

‘Over the past month Dentacoin has been one of the top “blockchain” currencies in the world, performing far better than famous alternatives such as Bitcoin.

‘The temptation to get on the bandwagon is definitely there, but only do so in the knowledge that this whole concept may turn out to be a flash in the pan…you have been warned!’

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