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The lectures will cover everything you need to know about digital dentistry from how you can transform your practice to how to finance it.

Go Digital… Because it’s simple !!!
Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz

Presentation overview: The presentations is focused on digital prosthodontics and it is showing the presenter’s pathway from his beginnings of digital dentistry, through his failures and how he fixed them, different fixing attempts to the final digital workflow solutions, with some tips and tricks and take-home messages. Key learning aims and objectives: Understanding the benefits […]

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PITFALLS: What CBCT Can Help You Avoid
Diyari Abdah - Lecture Zone 1

Presentation overview: There are certain pitfalls for diagnosis and treatment, and avoiding them by using available technology is considered a necessity and not an option. One such technology is the use of CBCT in diagnosing and treatment planning. Dr. Abdah will share his view, with examples, on how CBCT helped making cases successful, thus avoiding potential […]

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VITA VIONIC Digital Denture –Workflow & Clinical Output
Claus Pukropp - Lecture Zone 1

Presentation overview: Using digital manufacturing concepts to support the therapy of edentulous patient is a very promising approach, but the complexity of the manufacturing process rises up compared to fixed restorations. Since 2016, CAD software support the design of full dentures, but the CAM strategies in 2018 are still suffering from some downsides. The lecture […]

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VITA CAD/CAM Fabrication – Chairside Solutions
Gulshan Murgai - Lecture Zone 2

Presentation overview: Glushan Murgai will lecture about the Chairside CAD/CAM from past to present. Topics as closed to open systems, intra-oral scanning, outsorucing, chairside CAD and in-house milling will be presented. Key learning aims and objectives: Digital workflows for teeth and implants Intra-oral scanner options CAD design options we have today Open vs. Closed systems […]

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Recruitment Essentials
Sophie Eggleton - Lecture Zone 1

Presentation overview: A robust recruitment and selection procedure is essential to ensure that you attract the right candidates with the right skills and experience, in the right way! In this session we will explore what an effective recruitment workflow entails, equip you with the knowledge and skills to manage the process and help reduce the […]

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Digital Scanning Protocols
Jan Einfeldt - Lecture Zone 2

Presenter biography: Dr Einfeldt a third-generation dentist and qualified in 1994 from the Royal Dental College in Copenhagen Denmark. After attending a Six Month Smiles hands on seminar in 2012 he started incorporating orthodontics more and more into his practice to achieve better results in terms of cosmetics and for ortho-restorative cases. He is an international clinical instructor […]

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David Claridge - Lecture Zone 2

Presenter biography: David Claridge started his career in the dental laboratory at The Briars Dental Centre in Newbury, in 1983, before starting Claridge Dental Laboratory, and then Claridge Mouth Guards. In 2007, David sold his business interests and joined 3MESPE, at the time of the launch of the Lava COS IOS. In 2014, David joined […]

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Digital Impressions, an Expensive Gadget or an Essential Tool
Eoin O’Sullivan - Lecture Zone 1

Presentation overview: In this presentation Eoin will discuss the use of digital impressions in implant dentistry and how it is an essential step in the use of digital workflows. Presenter biography: Eoin is a Specialist in Prosthodontics. On completing his specialist training he was invited to become a lecturer at the Eastman. For 15 years he […]

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Go Beyond with 3Shape TRIOS
Dale Flanagan - Lecture Zone 1

Presentation overview: Our 3Shape TRIOS application specialist, Dale Flanagan, will demonstrate how to improve patient education and case dialogue through clear, accessible and accurate digital impressions. Take your dentistry beyond with TRIOS digital solutions! If you want fewer retakes, less reworks and more accuracy, then digital dentistry is your future. The 3Shape TRIOS portfolio of intraoral […]

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3D Facial Scanning & The Designing of Unique Veneers
Sean Wilkinson - Lecture Zone 1

Presentation overview: The challenge of digital workflows is how to transfer and combine patient’s data properly in the virtual world. DT Sean Wilkinson will explain the modern concept of Computer Dental Diagnostic. By demonstrating patient cases, he will perform analysises of the latest state-of-the-art devices for a smooth, individual workflow that relies on the 1:1 […]

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Marketing for Profit
Chris Baker & Lisa Bainham

Presentation biography: Chris Baker has over 15 years’ experience in marketing and PR primarily in the healthcare sector. He has advised on and executed plans for many clients on ways to expand their business through a wide range of tools including branding, online strategy, social media marketing, PR, advertising, printed and promotional materials, events and […]

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