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3D Facial Scanning & The Designing of Unique Veneers

Sean Wilkinson - Lecture Zone 1 - 14:50 - 15:10

Sean Wilkinson finished the Diploma in Dental Technology at Lambeth College in 2014. After working at the Bite-Rite Dental Laboratory in London until 2014, he joined MK Dental Laboratory in London as a dental technician and Crown & Bridge manager for one year. Since 2015 Sean is operating as a dental technician and course instructor as well as a lecturer for Zirkonzahn at many international conferences. Since 2019 he is also registered as an ITI-lecturer.
The challenge of digital workflows is how to transfer and combine patient’s data properly in the virtual world. DT Sean Wilkinson will explain the modern concept of Computer Dental Diagnostic. By demonstrating patient cases, he will perform analysises of the latest state-of-the-art devices for a smooth, individual workflow that relies on the 1:1 transfer of the patient’s specific situation into the software, for the creation of predictable, reproducible and 100% individual restorations.

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